Mission Statement

To be the Supplier, Partner and Employer of choice

We will be the best commissary supplier and service provider the correctional industry has ever dealt with through the commitment of upholding our mission and core values every day, in everything we do.

Core Values

  • Ethical: We follow the government guidelines that are law and the code of ethics established within our organization. We never cross the line, and we have proven ourselves as trustworthy by adhering to our personal and organization values.
  • Service Excellence: Servicing the correctional industry is our reason for existence. We continuously seek to improve the quality of our products and services, while striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Security: Our facilities, record keeping and data files are maintained securely and confidentially, like the Pentagon.
  • Safety: Our goal is to maintain the highest standard of safety.
  • Team: We work together sharing a common purpose, a common culture and a common goal.
  • Innovation: We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually, and as a team, we constantly look at what we are doing and ask, “How can we do it better?” or, “How can we make it better?”
  • Accountability: We don’t say “it’s not my job” or, “it’s not my fault”. We take responsibility for meeting our commitments, both individual and companywide.
  • Happy: We enjoy what we do, and we take our jobs seriously. We hire happy employees, and we strive to keep them happy.