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Food Express USA provides food, snacks, over-the-counter medications and personal care products for commissaries and canteens. In addition to carrying popular national brands, Food Express USA works directly with food processors and makers to meet offenders preferences while meeting the safety and security needs of your institution. Our Sayulita chips match national brand flavors at half the price and our Coyote Valley brand offers gourmet flavors like Hotwing and Maui Onion.

We offer exciting new packaged foods like taco filling and chorizo in pouches and use clear, resealable pouches for many items.

Every item in our catalog of personal care, beauty products and over-the-counter medications are non-flammable and alcohol-free. For instance, we offer a unique alcohol-free variety of Aim and Close-up mouthwashes made with transparent coloring in both the liquid and bottle at up to 50% savings. Our Level 10 brand shampoos were formulated to match national-brand quality and scents but are value-priced and come only in clear, soft-plastic containers.

Food Express USA continues to expand our selection of healthy food products including many low-salt, low-fat and lower-calorie items. We also stock a wide range of kosher and halal products.